Florida HoneyBells
January Only...Rare, Juicy-Sweet HoneyBells - This limited edition fruit is a treat citrus connoisseurs look forward to every January. HoneyBells are a treasured rare hybrid of a Dancy Tangerine and Duncan Grapefruit, with a unique bell shape. This combination results in a sweeter fruit, loaded with juice, featuring an intense unique flavor of its own. So juicy, we tuck a free bib and a delightful booklet all about HoneyBells inside every order. So don’t wait! HoneyBells are available for a few short weeks in January only, then they’re all gone until next year.
IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Order Honeybells as a gift* and we’ll send an announcement card to your lucky recipients in time for the Holidays.  Their Honeybells will arrive in January, right when they’ve reached their tree-ripened perfection.
 *For all HoneyBell Orders received before Dec. 20th.
January's Banquet Trio
Grove Fresh HoneyBells, Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit - The best of January’s crop in one gift box! This exciting citrus variety includes only the sweetest, juiciest, best tasting HoneyBells, Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit ... More Info
$44.95 $39.95
Super Juicy HoneyBells
Super Juicy HoneyBells - They can’t say you didn’t warn them! They’ll be happy as can be with juice dripping down their chins when they dive into your delightfully delicious gift of SUPER JUICY HoneyBells along with sweet HoneyBell Candies ... More Info
HoneyBells - First and Last Pickfeatured
You’ll enjoy receiving our famous HoneyBells with shipments from the first pick in early January and the last pick in late January. Both boxes are filled with premium quality HoneyBells that are loaded with delicious juice, unique in flavor. A joyous way to send your greetings twice ... More Info
HoneyBells & Navels
This limited edition fruit is a treat citrus lovers look forward to all year long but it's only available a few short weeks in January. This sweet fruit is a joy to give and a pleasure to receive. Then add Florida's sweet seedless Navels and you have an unbeatable combination ... More Info
$42.95 $39.95
HoneyBell Supremes
Supreme HoneyBells are our most impressive HoneyBells. Larger than our premium HoneyBells, our Supremes weigh up to three quarters of a pound each! Bursting with flavor and juice ... More Info
Grower's Choice Collection
Grower’s Choice Collection Navels, HoneyBells and Tangerines Picked, packed and immediately rushed to you. Three popular January favorites arrive together at last. There’s lots to share and enjoy with this elite collection ... More Info
Mini Bells HoneyBells
Mini Bells - The same sweet flavor, just a smaller snacking size. Be sure to use the bib enclosed. You’ll need it ... More Info
HoneyBell Smiles
HoneyBell Smiles - You’ll brighten some happy faces when this adorable gift of tiny snack-size HoneyBells arrives. Delightfully presented with gourmet Chocolates and HoneyBell Candies for someone special you’d like to send a (HoneyBell) smile to ... More Info
Snackin' Truck
Navels, Tangerines or HoneyBells... Dispatched and On Its Way! The bed of this ole truck zips right off so your lucky recipients can unload the cargo of 13 juice filled, snackin’ sized citrus, fresh picked from the grove ... More Info
Holiday Surprise Gift Box
FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ... This generous 9 lb. gift box of sweet, seedless Navel Oranges and plump Ruby Red Grapefruit arrives with 3 surprises: a 4.5 oz. jar of Sweet ‘n Spicy Pumpkin Butter, a Nifty Little Peeler and stainless Steel Grapefruit Spoons ... More Info
Januarys Super Six
FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ... January's Super Six - 6 Premium Favorites together at Last! You'll enjoy all of January's favorite citrus crop including rare, delicious Honeybells, juicy Navel Oranges, easy-to-peel Tangerines, and 3 varieties of Grapefruit (Ruby Reds, Deep Reds and Whites) all in one great gift (available in January only)... More Info
HoneyBell Center Piece
FREE STANDARD SHIPPING This HoneyBell Decorative Daisy Loop Tea Bowl will be enjoyed long after these delicious HoneyBells are gone! (For January Delivery) Enjoy this limited edition fruit, citrus OFFER not valid with any other discounts or coupons.
HoneyBells from Floridafeatured
Rare, Juicy-Sweet HoneyBells ... This limited edition fruit is a treat citrus connoisseurs look forward to every January. HoneyBells are a treasured rare hybrid of a Dancy Tangerine and Duncan Grapefruit, with a unique bell shape Sorry No Valentine's Delivery. ... More Info
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