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Scarlet Navels
Temple Oranges
Valencia Oranges
Ruby Red Grapefruit
White Grapefruit

**Approximate months each variety is in season may vary.**

TANGERINES: (NOV thru APR) Rich in flavor & easy to peel! Naturally sweet and perfect for snacking.

TANGELOS: (NOV thru DEC) Easy-to-peel Tangelos are great for snacking.

NAVELS: (NOV thru JAN) Large sweet, juicy & seedless, peels & sections easily. Florida’s most popular orange.

RED / SCARLET NAVELS: (NOV thru DEC) Rich Ruby Red in color inside with all the sweet juicy goodness of the golden navels & seedless too!

HONEYBELLS: (JANUARY) Honeybells from Florida are hybrid of a Duncan Grapefruit and Dancy Tangerine, which is why they are sweeter and juicier than other citrus. Honeybells are medium to large in size with a bell shape. These rare hybrids are only available in January!

TEMPLE ORANGES: (FEBRUARY) A tangerine-orange hybrid. Very juicy, peels and sections easily with sweet and tangy flavor at the same time.

VALENCIAS: (MAR thru JUNE) Medium to large size, the perfect orange for delicious juice or slicing for snacks. Often referred to as Florida’s “Summer Navel” because of it’s sweet juicy taste.

RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT: (NOV thru MAY) Medium to large in size, has red or pink flesh. Mouth watering flavor & loaded with juice.

WHITE GRAPEFRUIT: (NOV thru MAY) Thin-skinned, plump and juicy. A favorite of the locals who know how sweet and flavorful they are.

About our Fruit: All our fruits are shipped fresh-picked and at their peak flavor. Each 9 lb. tray contains the following approximate fruit count: Mixed, 6-10 Oranges & 4-5 Grapefruit; All Oranges, 11-15; All Grapefruit, 8-12.

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